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 Statement on a high-level meeting


the Turkish and the Assad regime Officials 

And on the intention to normalize bilateral relations 

 Syria Freedom Path strongly condemns the Turkish government's decision to open up to the terrorist Assad regime and the intention to restore diplomatic relations, in accord to Turkish officials statements and the high-level meeting that took place between the two parties recently. 

Bashar Assad and his regime committed genocide massacres and crimes against humanity no less horrific than Hitler's nazi crimes, by killing nearly a million Syrians, imprisoning nearly a quarter of a million of his opponents, whose fates are not yet known, displacing at least 6 million Syrian people in neighboring countries and around the world, practicing the most heinous massacres of chemical weapons against unarmed Syrian civilians, many times, prosecuting and threatening his opponents, establishing a drug manufacturing, tard and trafficking of Captagon, and laundering its money to finance its militias and operations against the Syrian people. This is in addition to what he has done and continue to do in supporting the ISIS terrorist organization to serve their common interests. In addition, Assad has maintained his close ties with his twin terrorist regime of Iran. And both have been collaborating with their ally, the terrorist organization of Hezbollah in Lebanon, in committing crimes against the Syrian people. 

The normalization of relations or the contemplation of restoring diplomatic relations with such a regime is alarming, outrageous and disgusting. And it should be condemned in the strongest terms, obstructed, confronted, and averted. Syria Freedom Path stresses that such official or diplomatic normalization should not take place under any pretext or justification, not even under arguments such as the anti-terrorism. Regimes that support terrorism and practice it, such as a Assad regime, cannot be a partner in combating it. Countries that seek this normalization expose themselves to negative consequences and imposed sanctions that they will not be able to bear. 


Syria Freedom Path fully believes that no country will be able to engage with Assad regime under any form of arrangements or cooperations, without damaging its international reputation. Because Assad regime's name, reputation, and action have become linked to criminality, terrorism, drug trade and money laundering. 

Assad regime used chemical weapons prohibited by international law against civilians in Syria and committed genocide against them. Thus, any country that wants to engage or find a formula of cooperation with this regime, will be forced to confront the entire international community, even own people, at least morally, losing its international standing and respect as a respectable and dignitary member of the international community. 

Reinstating Assad or normalization with his regime will not provide a resolution to the Syrian file or bring with it a real political transition. Such plans cannot be translated into a political transition at all. Because Assad regime is a deceitful regime accustomed to treachery. Moreover, if any plan for a political solution are not supported by influential countries, such as the United States and European countries, as well as some regional players including Gulf countries, such plans will not succeed. 

Syria Freedom Path has no doubt that Assad regime will not establish relations or understandings with any of regional countries for the sake of a political transition. Assad will not respond to any demands to implement the Geneva resolutions related to the Syrian issue, because this regime has no intention of relinquishing power at all, and this will not be on its agenda at all too. 

Syria Freedom Path highly value and appreciate what the Turkish government and people have done for Syrians in their struggle against the tyranny and criminality of the Assad regime. They are grateful for the sacrifices of the Turkish people for hosting more than 3 million Syrian refugees on their territory, whom shouldn’t be blamed as a reason for the decline of the Turkish economy. 


Syria Freedom Path also understands Turkey's security concerns regarding PKK terrorist organization. We hope that Turkish officials will realize the dangers of their plans to re-normalize with Bashar Assad, the head of the Captagon trade apparatus and the internationally rejected terrorist criminal. And we urge Türkiye to reconsider its plans and withdraw from the normalization process. We hope and call upon Türkiye to re-engage closely with the United States to resolve matters related to Turkish national security and terrorism that threatens it, and to find solutions that achieve mutually beneficial ends for both the United States and Turkey, that also carry with it a fulfillment of hope for the Syrians for freedom, democracy and, for building their new inspiring and unified Syria that is a reliable partner in countering terrorism and lives in peace with neighboring countries. 

Syria Freedom Path look forward to a future in Turkish policy that achieves the desired goals and national security interests without consideration for normalization with the terrorist Assad regime, an international pariah that perpetrates genocide and crimes against humanity. We wish a bright and more prosperous future for bilateral relations between Turkey and its ally the United States of America. 

Dr. Hicham Alnachawati

Founder & Executive Director

Syrian Freedom Path

United States of America 

 January 17, 2023 

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Cross Aids Now

President Joe Biden                                                                                                          02/09/2023     

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President Joe Biden:


As you are aware the region of Northwest Syria has been hit with a powerful earthquake this past Monday. We highly and sincerely appreciate directing your admininstration to act immediately to assist in recovery and rescue efforts. USAID has urgently deployed a rescue team. However, these American heroes have not been able to reach the affected (regime-liberated) NW Syria region across the border from Turkey. This region is home to over 3 million displaced Syrians who fled for their lives from the brutality of Assad regime. Furthermore, there are multiple on-ground confirmed and reliable reports, indicating that the Turkish government is not allowing border crossing of several aid and rescue missions to cross into this regime-liberated NW Syria. This practice of the Turkish government is not acceptable under any excuse, argument or pretext. The roads are passable and aid trucks are waiting at the border, and even helicopters can be immediately flown to this affected region. It seems that this affected NW Syria as if is under a blockade. This is a humanitarian crisis. The catastrophe is massive and beyond description. Victims were buried under the collapsed buildings. We urge you please to direct your administration to press hard and to pressure their Turkish counterparts to immediately open the border crossings. Rescue teams can not be delayed. Aids must cross now and immediately.


God Bless you and our nation. And God bless our rescuing heroes.


Dr. Hicham Alnachawati

Founder & Executive Director

Syria Freedom Path


Syria Freedom Path
712 H Street NE, Suite 1963, Washington, DC 20002
202-1880-13400            Twitter:@PathSyria

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