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Promoting American Values and Principles

As we stated, our main objective is to advance the free and democratic American values and principles in Syria and its surrounding region. Syria Freedom Path strongly believes that the United States, as the world’s most influential democracy, has moral obligation and vital security interest in the global defend of freedom, democracy, and human rights. By doing so, United States ensures its security, prosperity, global security and prosperity, and principled international norms and orders.

Protecting the Mutual Security and Interest of the United States and Free Nations

our values and our interests are one and the same. Promoting our values of freedom, democracy, and human dignity advances our security and prosperity. Terrorism and armed conflicts, for example, are not likely to happen in free nations where the voice of justice, reasoning, and moderation rules and stands against the threat of hatred, intolerance, and repression. 


Defy and Challenge Tyranny and Authoritarian Rules


For a long, the Assad regime in Syria has supported terrorism and committed war crimes genocides against its people for marching peacefully demanding freedom, democracy, and living in dignity. Syria Freedom Path are committed to defying and challenge the authoritarian rules of Assad regime and its tyranny, cultivate alliances with United States and free Syrians, and lend support to the birth of a new, free, and democratic Syria. 


Strengthening the Civil Society 

 Syria Freedom Path believes in empowering civil society organizations, local ordinary Syrian citizens, and regional civic groups to fight against dictatorship, human rights abuse, and oppressive regimes practices. Syria Freedom Path provides various tools to those in need to facilitates achieving their civil rights, autonomy, and self-determination. 

Freedom of Assembly


Syria Freedom Path defends the fundamental rights of citizens for assembly. The right to assemble peacefully is the earnest endeavor that free Syrians fought and are still fighting for. Syria Freedom Path delivers the necessary mechanism and means to guarantee that right of assembly and securing liberty are constitution promises. 


Freedom of Expression

Syria Freedom Path educates and advocates for freedom of self-expression, opinion, and the universal right to free expression.


Corruption, Accountability & Transparency

Assad Regime has built a mafia closed inner circled form of governing that implements  intentional ill-structured and corrupted practices to achieve enormous gain on expense of won people. Democracy can not nourish under systems of social, economic, and political corruption. Absence of transparency and presence of officials’ corruption erode public faith in the democratic system. Terrorism nourishes in corrupted governments. Fighting systematic corruption, thus terrorism is one of the fundamental goals of Syria Freedom Path. 


Election Integrity

Syria Freedom Path believes that free and fair elections are a foundational component of political freedom. There is more to democracy than free and fair elections, but there can be no democracy without them. Syria Freedom Path obligation to assist in educating and advocating for fair and free election that is free of fraud and misuse practices. 


Freedom of Press 

Syria Freedom Path advocates for free and independent press. Supporting young journalists in their ability to report freely is an essential goal to achieve democracy and protect it. Pushing back against restricted press and controlled publishing is a crucial component of free and democratic governance. 


Freedom of Religion 

The principle of Religion liberty considered a fundamental human right. The right to manifest religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship, and observance is indicator of the tolerance of difference. 



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