Syria Freedom Path

Working with the Power to Achieve the Creation of a Brighter Future 

Syria Freedom Path

Syrian Freedom Path (SFP) is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit grassroot civil society organization founded by Americans in the United States, of Syrian descent, who have been activists against the illegitimate, oppressive, and authoritarian Assad regime and his tyranny. And who have unshakable and strong beliefs in America, American values, and principles. Therefore, they have established the Syria Freedom Path with the goals of ending tyranny and, promoting the great American values and principles among Syrians and the people of the Middle East. Realizing that the great objective of ending tyranny is the concentrated work of generations.

Ways We Help

Meaningful Work. Unforgettable Experiences.



Helping The Community



Reinforcing our Commitment



One Step at a Time


To be on the front lines in the battle for freedom and democracy, and advocate for it

To be human rights defenders and reform-minded activists who organize, publicize,     and push back against dictatorship, tyranny, and authoritarian Assad regime in Syria

To Engage the United State government in our persistence efforts in promoting   democratic change in Syria

Our means to do so by:
Promoting community sustenance and advancement

Activating and mobilizing community members by developing of innovative social   educational and activism programs, through outreach civil engagement strategies


Supporting and empowering the emergence of principled community leaders by   strengthening a network of young community professionals

Uniting the community under common goals by building bridges and establishing  strategic partnerships with a wide array of leaders in the community

Providing various charitable services to these communities