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San Francisco Provides Access to Healthcare (SF PATH) is a federally-funded health access program that provides affordable medical care to low income people living in San Francisco who meet certain federal requirements and income guidelines. SF PATH program rules, including who is eligible to enroll, what services are included, the cost of participation, and the cost of medical services are determined by federal government rules.

SF PATH is different from the City and County's Healthy San Francisco program and the City rules of Healthy San Francisco do not apply to SF PATH.

You may qualify for SF PATH

Click here to see if you qualify. Explore this Visitors section to learn more about the program, and how, when, and where you may be able to apply. Or Download a program brochure »

SF PATH is not health insurance. If you have insurance, do not drop it.

Insurance is always a better choice because SF PATH offers a limited network, has limited services, and places you can go to get medical care. The program does not include vision or dental care. With SF PATH if you use other services or other providers and it is not an emergency, you may be responsible for paying the bills.

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